Years 7-9 enjoyed an active workshop session looking at some of the controversial issues surrounding protecting nature in the world.

The girls discussed their views on eating meat, saving the rainforest and decided whether some animals should be protected more than others. They demonstrated their opinions by stepping forward if they agreed with something and backwards if they didn’t.

Conservation in Action 2

Afterwards, pupils role played a decision making exercise about whether the Lynx should be reintroduced into Norfolk as part of a re-wilding scheme.

Some groups saw potential problems with the wild cats attacking farmers’ sheep whilst others saw the opportunity to earn more money from tourism.

Conservatin in Action 2

At the end of the session the group leaders from Action for Conservation told them about their own jobs in the conservation field, for example working for WWF, and the girls discussed the many ways every one of us can help towards protecting our environment at some level.

Pupils have a chance to win a week working on a conservation project in Wales by entering the competition provided on the day.

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