Last week we were delighted to welcome Mona Quereshi into school. Mona is the script editor on the current BBC1 drama, The Night Manager. The creative writing workshop and answer session for Year 10 and 11 girl and parents was an engaging and facinating evening.

Listening to Mona discuss her role and experiences working in television and film as a writer and script editor proved invaluable for the girls’ English GCSE studies. It was also fantastic to hear how inspired they had been and were now considering future careers using their creative writing skills.

Mona deftly and eloquently answered the girls’ questions and shared some of her top tips for creative writing such as:

“Use your eyes for the detail; your heart for the emotion and feeling and a pen and paper for the technical skills”

She also suggested listening to podcasts for those reluctant, or time-pressed readers as a way of hearing new vocabulary.

All in all it was a wonderful event which really seemed to ignite some creative fires.

Mona Quereshi