In the English department, girls have been entering the Royal Mail’s Young Letter Writer’s competition. The girls have been learning the lost art of letter writing and how to use formal language and layout.

The impact of social media, texting and email as modern communication tools mean we are now living in an era of technology where many children are not being exposed to formal letter writing, including how to apply skills such as formal language and layout.

There are many circumstances in which young people still need to be able to write a letter and developing these skills will help them to stand out from other competing candidates when writing application letters for college and university, or cover letters when applying for a job.

The competition  task was to apply for their dream job.  Whilst some girls aspire to be actresses and gymnasts, others would like to be drone pilots, jet engineers, mountaineers and the next female Lord Sugar!

The Royal Mail has asked entrants to describe why they have chosen their dream job and why they would be the right person for the job.

The girls’ entries have already been sent off. Overall winners will receive £1000 in vouchers for their family, and £1000 for their school. Area winners and their schools will win £200 each and £40 for runners up.

The girls will find out whether or not they have won by 31st January 2016.

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