J5 Science Trip

Posted: 19th November 2015

1The Year 5 girls took part in some hands on science at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

The girls were free to look at the huge number of practical exhibits, including launching parachutes! The group also got to explore the science behind sound and how different materials can affect different sounds.

Next, the girls took part in the unique “mindball” exhibit. This exhibit monitors your powers of relaxation and concentration. The girls had to put on headbands and go head to head with their partner to see if you can control the ball by becoming more relaxed and focused.

3Other exhibits included walking through the lower half of the digestive system.

After having a look around the science exhibits, the girls were treated to a fascinating talk about our solar system in the Planetarium. They were fascinated by the links made to Ancient Greek mythology and the constellations.

The girls took part in a kitchen science 4workshop. This included the investigation of kitchen ingredients. The girls had to identify various white powders, some of which looked like sugar but weren’t. This gave the class a lesson in only eating something if you know exactly what it is!

The day ended with the girls making bath bombs using 3 of the 4 white powders that they had identified. The girls took yeast, flour, sugar, salt, citric acid and bicarbonate of soda to make their finished products.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their full day of learning and investigation. Click here to learn more about the Junior Department at Manor House School.

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