In addition to our Year 11 Music Prefect, Viola, there are other musical positions of responsibility at Manor House School including Head of Choir, Head of Orchestra and Junior Choir Captain.

Miss Ward and Mrs Lewis had a wonderful lunchtime filled with performances and interviews by girls auditioning for Head of Orchestra and Head of Choir positions last week.

The senior girls had to submit an application letter, perform a solo piece, sight-read a piece and, for the Head of Choir, sight-sing a harmony part.  Girls in the Juniors had to write a letter of application.

The girls all demonstrated great enthusiasm and a love for performing which was wonderful to see.

The positions for this year are:

Head of Choir: Lydia S10

Deputy Head of Choir: Lauren S9

Head of Orchestra:

Autumn Term: Emily S11, Jennifer S9 as deputy

Spring Term: Jennifer S9, Gemma S10 as deputy

Summer Term: Emily S10, Rose S10 as deputy

Junior Choir Captains in J6:

Autumn Term: Zain with Iris and Poppy as deputies

Spring Term: Isobel and Lily with Alice and Olivia as deputies

Summer Term – TBC

Congratulations to all the girls and we wish them well in their roles.