sssLast Wednesday, 18 of our S10 girls travelled down to West Wittering and Portsmouth for their Coastal Environment Geography trip.

The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the physical geography of the coast, but also the human interaction. The girls looked at issues such as protecting the environment from people and protecting people from nature. The main topics were erosion, flooding, global warming and rising sea levels.

Portsmouth is a case study of a place on the coast that offers a multitude of economic uses. This makes the coastal city the perfect destination to assess all of these issues. On top of this, the girls got to climb the spinnaker tower and brave the see through floors.

West Wittering is a protected rural area for recreation and wildlife value. The unspoilt sandy beach and high water quality have made it one of the premier blue flag beaches in the country. It also proved to be great exercise – the girls walked 3k all the way around the Spit!

Real life case studies are used to gain higher marks in GCSE answers. Field trips provide excellent educational experiences away from school environments. This is because students are learning in a more hands-on and interactive manner than when they are at school.

It was a wonderful, but windy, day shared by all!