Abbie 2It has always been a tradition at Manor House School to invite our Year 11 girls back for some final activities, before they venture out to their new sixth forms, colleges and the wider world.

This year, the girls had an opportunity to take part in a self-defence class, run by The Combat Academy. This acts as a fantastic experience for the girls, allowing them to learn some vital skills to maintain their confidence and keep themselves safe.

There is a growing importance for children to learn self-defence skills. It ensures that they are aware of dangers so that they can avoid a problem, rather than having to solve one.

The Combat Academy is the UK’s number one self-defence training provider. Their courses do not only inform the girls on how to defend themselves in certain situations, but are designed to increase confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and discipline. It is also great for their physical fitness and coordination!

Combat Self Defence Year 11s 009The girls were taught several manoeuvres which they could use should a situation arise and lots of advice on how to keep themselves out of difficult situations.

The techniques that the girls were introduced to do not rely on strength, but the knowledge of bio-mechanics. This is the art of understanding the natural weaknesses within the human body. With the knowledge of these techniques, it is possible to overcome a much stronger opponent.

Unlike the focus of many different martial arts, self-defence is about getting away safely, as quickly as possible and not fighting back.