KODAK Digital Still CameraWe are delighted to announce that our Year 5 and 6 girls that take part in Bridge Club have been awarded certificates this week from the English Bridge Union (EBU) – the national governing body for Bridge in England – for successful completion of an after-school Mini Bridge Course.

Certificates were handed out to celebrate the completion of the course. Minibridge, a simplified version of the traditional card game “Bridge”, was introduced in Europe during the 90’s as a teaching aid for new players.

Bridge is a very complex game, which requires very strong analytic and logic skills. Minibridge acts as a fantastic introduction to the game and is widely used as a preparatory tool.

The girls have given up their Friday afternoons since January to attend the club, which shows fantastic commitment to understand the game. The club is run by visiting local experts, Patricia Robertson and Sue Gorman, whilst overseen by our very own Mr Ayling, our new Head of Pre-Prep.

Along the way, the girls have learnt important lessons about the values of patience, self-control and tolerance, as well as experiencing a need for self-improvement and how to acknowledge and build upon mistakes.

The game has become more advanced each week, introducing the girls to more complex concepts of analysis, deduction, counting and probability. These are fantastic crossover skills for the girls to use as a part of their curricular education at Manor House School.

Next year, we plan to offer two Bridge Clubs: a beginner level group for Year 5 and a more advanced session for the girls in Year 6!