IMG_0764One of the most highly anticipated events on our Junior calendar is the Year 6 French Residential Trip, which the girls have recently returned from.

It is on this trip that they are given a very real experience of using the French that they have been learning since Nursery and the trip helps to extend the girls knowledge of the culture.

They had the opportunity to practice their French in Boulogne Market, as well as participating in typical French activities and experiences. These included visiting l’escargotiere de choquel (snail farm), fond des communes (goat farm) and Becasuc sweet factory. 

“I thought the snail farm was going to be disgusting but it was actually the best part of my French trip” said Poppy F.

The locals were very accommodating and helpful in allowing the girls to practice the language, which helps the girls to relax and recognise their own skills. It is often the case that parents will take care of any language barriers on holidays, though the aim of this trip is to allow the girls to use their skills independently of any adult help.

IMG_0817The girls stayed at le Chateau d’Ebblinghem, a beautiful 19th century country house located within an hour of Boulogne, Guines and Calais.

The activities and experiences offered to the girls helps with their social abilities and confidence, developing great new friendships and memories.

This makes for a very memorable conclusion to their life as a Junior at Manor House School before they move into the Senior department.