09-06-2015 125018

A group of Year 8 girls from Manor House School, along with Priors Field School, visited Southampton University for a day of activities and workshops by the lecturers there.

This visit, for pupils with particular talents for languages, gave the girls an opportunity to understand the use and application of language skills for different jobs. Languages make up a key part of the Manor House School curriculum.  They can also develop fantastic logic and communication skills which are transferable with other subjects.

Each of the Year 8s were asked to use their language skills to design an item of clothing that uses modern technology, giving them an opportunity to formulate complex written pieces.

Prizes were available for the winning design in each language, with one of our Manor House girls, Eileen Michelson, making up a part of the winning German group.

The afternoon was spent in a series of taster sessions for new and exciting languages, ranging from Bulgarian and Portugese to Chinese and Russian.

The girls really enjoyed the day and each received a certificate of achievement for their participation. We wish them all the best in pursuing further language study during their time at Manor House School.