E-Safety Manor House SchoolTechnology is now developing at an unprecedented rate, with businesses, individuals and particularly children becoming more and more dependent on it.

Our children are now a part of the online generation, so keeping up to date with the Internet, social media, emails and streaming, can be a daunting prospect for any parent.

In order to help you through this maze of information, we have invested in a programme at Manor House School, providing clean, concise training for Staff, Governors and Parents alike. This will then support work we do with the girls during assemblies and PSHE lessons, to educate them on using the Internet safely.

E-safety Training for Parents


This short training programme, written specifically for parents, is designed to take approximately 20 minutes and keep you abreast of the latest ways that children are using these technologies and how best to advise on doing so safely.

If you have any difficulties with using this link, please get in contact with Katie Gall on 01372 458 538 ext 244. The link will expire on 31st May 2015, after which you will need to get in touch for a new link.