The Manor House gymnastics team, comprised of Years 4 to 7, have recently been taking part in a number of competitions. These have included both individual and team floor routines, as well as the vault.

The first competition against Greenacre included both Year 6 and 7 in individual floor routines. In the Year 6 competition, Louise D was placed 3rd and Louise T came 2nd – meaning an overall tie. In the Year 7 competition, Abby was placed 2nd with Eva 3rd, which resulted in an overall win for the age group.

In another competition against Rydes Hill Preparatory School, there was no overall score but it still allowed the girls to perform both individual and paired routines. As it was just a junior competition, the Year 7’s did some paired routines as a display before we started.

Alice P and Natasha G both won awards for the Most Creative Individual Routines – whilst Louise D had the Best Individual Routine. For the pairs competition, Hannah C and Rosie H won the Most Creative Pair award and Cecilia C and Naomi Townsend won Best Pair Performance.

The recent St Catherine’s competition included both floor and vault scores combined to give individual totals. For the Year 5 event, Alice P came 3rd, with Louise P 2nd for Year 6 and Poppy M 3rd for Year 7.

Well done to all involved! A big congratulations to all of our gymnasts for their hard work and dedication.