Sports Report – Netball Superiority

Posted: 7th May 2015

Sports - Netball

As a part of our school curriculum, Netball has become one of our most popular sports – with all of the teams producing consistently impressive results.

This season has seen fifteen A and B teams, as well as three C teams take part in a number of Netball matches and tournaments. Once again some of the Year 4’s had a game to introduce them to the concept of playing before they get into full swing next year.

A 19-7 win for the U11’s against St Teresa’s was a particular highlight. Thank you to the Year 10’s who have helped at the Junior practices this term. The most successful Senior teams were the Year 11 teams. The standard of netball they have played has been outstanding and the A team has recorded very high scores such as 41-27 against Rosebery and 24-8 against Greenacre.

The Year 6’s have continued to play at a very good standard winning most of the matches they have played and the one’s they have lost are by just a few goals. The Junior teams have enjoyed wins against schools such as St Teresa’s, Rowan and Rydes Hill, whilst the Year 5’s made a good start to netball and are showing some great potential.

The only team they have lost to this season is The Howard but they got their revenge beating them in the District Tournament, where they won all their matches and drew just one against The Ashcombe, who unfortunately beat them overall on a goal average.

The B team has only lost one game and again they have played the CLFS 6th Form team and won 19-17 and   beat Box Hill’s A  team 34-16. Thank you to Issy, Jess and Camilla from Year 10 for playing for the Year 11’s this season too.

The Year 10’s have had a good season playing some very high standard games, particularly against Notre Dame where the scores were 28-25 and 33-31. Their highlight was a 30-1 win against Box Hill. They did very well to come 3rd in their District Tournament.

The Year 9’s have had a lot of team changes and their season ended up with great success with the A team coming 3rd and the B team winning the District Tournament. The Year 10’s have benefited too from Gigi, Martha and Jade playing up for them showing how high the standard of our oldest three age groups are.

Overall the Senior teams have enjoyed wins in various age groups against Claremont, Rosebery, St Teresa’s, Greenacre, The Ashcombe, The Howard, CLFS, Notre Dame, Priory, Danes Hill and Box Hill.

Thank you to all the players for their commitment, dedication and hard work this season.

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