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With the General Election – we thought we would take the opportunity to help our Manor House girls to develop a better understanding and interest in politics. After all, as a girls’ school, we are hugely appreciative of the suffragette movement and women’s eligibility to vote.

We held an assembly last monday Monday where we looked at political history, the importance of voting and how each individual vote counts. In 1931, Labour won an election in Yorkshire by a mere 2 votes – and in the last General Election, 4 British MP’s were elected with an approximate 100 vote majority in their constituencies, so every vote counts!

Three of our Year 10 Senior girls stood as Mock electioncandidates to represent the three major parties – with Capucine as the Conservative candidate, Kerstin for Labour and Helen for the Liberal Democrats.

Each candidate took it in turns to stand up and present to the packed assembly room and discussed their party’s policies. The girls were excellent and displayed some fantastic persuasion and reasoning skills.

Each party representative was supported by Mock Election Grapha deputy candidate, who presented the key policies after the main presentation.  The girls voted later in the morning and the votes were counted up and announced on Wednesday –the Conservatives won unanimously. 97% of Year 6-11 voted, which is a fantastic turnout, with just 1 spoiled ballot paper.